Sunday, September 25, 2011

just breathe

I'm kind of overwhelmed. I'm working a lot. This is good, but it means I'm neglecting a whole lot of other things, like basic housework. Cooking is challenging me because I don't know what to make with stuff  I have. I feel agoraphobic to go to the store for milk or whatever. I have multiple things that are just overdue, phonecalls I need to return, stuff like that.

All I wanna do is sleep, hide, escape. That won't help with getting anything done.

Then, yesterday someone said something to me at work that was upsetting. But as usual, I didn't have any reaction at the time, that indicated at all that what the person said was not okay. So now I'm left with the words echoing in my head, and no way to be able to say that it wasn't okay.

So I'll just keep breathing, and maybe find the strength/focus/will/courage to get shit done and keep on going.


Emily said...

Hang in there! I know how overwhelming it can be. Responsibilities suck!

Douglas Hunter said...

I'm not good at applying this but:
work at the pace you can maintain, being well is the basis, do what is required to maintain well being then the rest is negotiable.

for meal preparation I match previous outcomes with desired effect and prepare the meal that feels right. I would be lost, if preparing a meal for someone other than myself, but when just for me it works.

shopping - milk and most other things can be frozen or stored for future use, it means fewer shopping trips, opens the option for a weekly shop and makes a charge for home delivery better value.

I tend to move away from such people and situations that cause me harm, when that option is no longer valid (or I feel safe enough) I have verbally explained what I feel. This latter approach is likely the simplest way to promote greater mindfulness of others when around me and has significantly helped. Most people don't mean to harm. :)

Some of the things that are overwhelming may be distributable to others. Different people, different stressors, skills and joys.

Hodinette said...

Hello there!

Now I'm bipolar, not autistic, but I do relate! I wanna sleep, hide, and have lots to do.
I guess it will pass...

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