Sunday, April 5, 2015

some osho

These were too long to tweet, so I'm putting them here.

I lovingly call OSHO a heretic. He is. Much of what he writes about is scathingly critical of monogamy, the church, state, and many of our ideas. But they are all meditations on attachment and ego. I love his heretical ideas. They make sense in my heart, even when I hate what he's saying.

Here is a passage I absolutely resonate with:

Remember, love is not an attachment. Love knows no attachment and that which knows attachment is not love. That is possessiveness, domination, clinging, fear, greed -- it may be a thousand and one things, but it is not love. In the name of love other things are parading, in the name of love other things are hiding behind but on the container the label LOVE is stuck. Inside you will find many sorts of things, but not love at all.

Watch. If you are attached to a person, are you in love? Or are you afraid of your aloneness, so you cling? Because you cannot be alone, you use this person so as not to be alone. Then you are afraid. If the person moves somewhere else or falls in love with someone else then you will kill this person and you will say, "I was so attached." Or you may kill yourself and you will say, "I was so attached that I could not live without her or without him."

It is sheer foolishness. It is not love, it is something else. You are afraid of your aloneness, you are not capable of being with yourself, you need somebody to distract you. And you want to possess the other person, you want to use the other person as a means for your own ends. To use another person as a means is violence. [161]

excerpt from Osho. Love, Freedom, Aloneness: The Koan of Relationships. Osho International Foundation St Martins Griffin, NY 2001.

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