Saturday, June 9, 2012

Just an update. Overload.

Hm. Haven't postedin a while. I'm typing from mobile because I have put myself to bed early. I'm overloaded. We went to a movie tonight at the IMAX and waiting in line was a sensory nightmare. I almost considered asking to use the alternate (accessible) entrance because it would be less sensory overload. But I stuck it out. The thing about sticking it out though is that I pay for it later. I've been kind of sad lately because of being more aware of my difficulties connecting with others. Like, kind of lonely. Kind of longing for better connections and an easier time making plans. I've also been struggling a fair bit with housework. Two things I'm thinking about pursuing. One is neuropsych testing. I want to find out about learning disabilities we suspect are there. And also maybe also try to get an EEG to see if I'm having some kind of seizure activity. But positives include: doing a lot of physical exercise. I'm kind of banged up from backpacking, rock climbing, and canoeing but it all feels really good for my body. That's an update. Nothing deep really but that's okay :)

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