Monday, June 14, 2010

Keeping a Diary

I saw my doctor today and she really does think I have IBS. She told me to do a bunch of things, one of them is to keep a symptom diary.

Okay. So in my life I have considered and even tried keeping diaries of various sorts. I kept a diary for a little bit when I was quite young, maybe 8. I kept a private blog for a little while that I still check into now and then. I've considered a mood diary, a food diary, a menstural diary, an exercise diary, a yoga teaching diary... feck it all, I said.

The main reason I rejected the idea of a diary is that, especially when it comes to mood and food, I figure that my obsessive tendencies would drive me over the edge and into the nutty realm of meticulous record-keeping.

So a symptom diary for IBS, which includes what I eat, when I poop, and how I feel at any given moment, that is an all-encompassing project. And for a whole month! I have already added in obsessiveness -- I am writing down the approximate amount of fiber each meal contains. Since part of my doctor's instructions is to get 25g of fiber a day (and at least 3 in any given meal).

I think I'm at about 6-8 grams today, that's not much. Can you tell I'm already obsessing?

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